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Breast augmentation surgery areola

Breast augmentation surgery areola

Previously, we discussed the different incisions used in breast augmentation. Today I am going to discuss the periareolar breast augmentation, which is performed through an incision around the areola. If we look at the anatomy of the breast, the areola is one of the central parts of an aesthetically beautiful breast. There is a color difference between the areola and the normal skin, which makes it possible to place an incision that will heal well and be completely masked by the transition from the darker skin to the lighter skin.In a periareolar breast augmentation, the surgeon makes a small incision at the lower part of the areola and dissects through the breast tissue until the muscle of the chest is identified. It is dissected and then the implant is placed either below the muscle or above the muscle.
Periareolar breast augmentation has some advantages. A significant number of women have asymmetric breasts; some of the asymmetries include differences in areola size or nipple size, minor sagginess, and major sagginess. If you need to fix a problem related to the areola complex, a periareolar approach is a better approach than an incision under the breast, because you are not going to do an incision under the breast to insert the implant and then one around the areola to fix the periareolar problems. The areola can be diminished in size, the nipple complex can be lifted, or the nipple can be reduced, among other things. The scar location is also something that patients are concerned about.
Although the inframammary approach provides a very nice scar, it can be visible,particularly if you have small breasts; the incision tends to shift higher when an implant is placed. The periareolar scar can be hidden better than the inframammary scar.One potential problem with the periareolar approach is that the dissection tends to be more extensive, with more inflammation, since all the breast tissue needs to be cut vertically in order to insert the implant. There is more bleeding and more inflammation,which can prolong your recovery and increase the risk of capsular contracture. It is also possible that the scar around the areola can be sensitive and bother you during sexual acts.
The periareolar approach is a great way of inserting an implant, and it is an option that you need to discuss with your surgeon if you are interested in having a breast enhancement procedure.




September 29, 2016




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