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The change in your breasts after implant removal

The change in your breasts after implant removal

The change in your breasts after implant removal

While breast implants deliver good results, there are some women who may need to have their breast implant removed. Most of these women decide to go for breast implant removal as a result of complications associated with the implant. Breast implant removal is the last option for patients to overcome any related complications.

A capsular contracture wherein the scar tissue or capsule around the implant tightens and becomes harder can be both, painful and uncomfortable. Breast implant removal can provide relief to the patient. Also, implant rupture and leakage can change the shape of the breasts, necessitating removal of the implant. Almost 70 percent of patients in the US who undergo breast implants removal do so for the aforecited reasons.

When the breast implant is removed, the breast changes dramatically. The features and characteristics introduced to the breasts by the breast implant will disappear if you remove the implant. For this reason, patients are advised against implant removal or to use it as the last option. Careful consideration of different factors is essential before deciding to go under the knife for breast implant removal.

Change in breast aspect after implant removal

Removal of breast implants is often followed by the collapse of the breasts. After the surgery, the tissue region goes back to 10 cm2. There is a possibility that it may return to 30 cm2. Removing the implants loosens the skin and parallel fibers that were stretched by the implant. The breast tissue stays at 10 cm2 as a result of the perpendicular fibers.

Even though many women get new implants to replace their older ones, some decide to go implant free. The problem is that removing the implants and not replacing them often results in cellulite, wrinkling or drooping in the breasts. The breasts simply become saggy after removal of the implants. In some cases, the breasts may even become asymmetrical. If you got large breast implants or implants placed underneath or within the breast muscle, your breasts will become deformed after implant removal. As a result, implant replacement is highly recommended after the breast implant removal in order to avoid unpleasant results.

According to research, most women continue to worry about the aesthetic results of breast implant removal. The study examined 57 patients who opted to go for implant removal instead of replacement. The results showed that almost fifty percent of the patients were disappointed and dissatisfied after the surgery because their breasts lost its perkiness, size and other attractive features.

Recovering the breast outline and graceful contour and adjusting the breasts to the lost volume in the aftermath of breast implant removal without replacement, is a challenging, if not, impossible task for surgeons. The option of using a hidden derma glandular pedicle to reconstruct the breast for aesthetic purposes is a new concept. Although used in some patients, derma glandular pedicle has been found to be effective in enhancing the breast projection after implant removal.

Breast implant removal not only decreases the volume of the breast, it also makes the breast flatter, emptier and saggy. Combined, these factors distort the shape and projection of the breast. The loose excess skin on the breasts can further make them look even more unappealing. In some cases, reconstructive surgery may be required to fix the condition to whatever extent possible.

Change in breast size and shape

If the breast implants have been removed without replacement, the breasts will drastically lose volume and perkiness. The breasts will become smaller and your bra size will also change. As time passes, your breasts may experience changes in contour, volume and outline. In simple terms, removal of the breast implants will also remove the aesthetic goals you achieved with the surgery. The breasts will sag and look unattractive.

Change in breast symmetry

Your breasts may become irregular after removing the implants without replacement. One of your breasts may be larger than the other, or one breast may be differently shaped or differently positioned than the other. The difference in size, shape and position of your breasts is called breast asymmetry. It is important to understand that change in the size of your breasts may be severe if additional breast tissue is removed during the implant removal and capsulectomy procedures.

The outcomes

Most patients face emotional and psychological distress after breast implant removal without replacement. You may not like the look of your breasts after implant removal because the results are mostly negative. However, you can avoid this condition by replacing the implants with newer ones.

If you still don’t want to replace the implants, you can decrease the likelihood of extreme change to your breasts after implant removal by selecting an expert, Board-Certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. If you qualify for a combination of implant removal and capsulectomy, the expertise and experience of the plastic surgeon becomes even more important.

Another alternative is to use your own body fat to fill up your breasts after the implant removal. This procedure will add some projection to your breasts and make them shapely and perky. This surgery involves the removal of surplus, unwanted fat from different parts of your body through liposuction for transfer to your breasts. If you don’t have extra fat in your body, you cannot qualify for this procedure.

Many patients also require their core or inner breast jobs done. For this, the modern technique of auto-augmentation is recommended. The technique returns the loose breast tissue to its original position, making the breasts appear fuller and tighter after removal of the breast implants. The surplus skin may be removed through the breast lift procedure.


Removing the breast implants negatively affects the appearance of the breasts. If the breast implants are removed without replacement, the aesthetic features of the breasts that were achieved through a breast augmentation procedure will disappear. It is important to give serious consideration to the implications and effects prior implant removal.

If you want to get your implants removed, you should either replace them with new implants or opt for fat grafting surgery that uses your own body fat, to make your breasts more voluminous and perky. Your breasts will become saggy after the implant removal, but this can be addressed through a breast lifting surgery. Be sure to choose only a Board-Certified plastic surgeon to perform your breast implant removal or replacement surgery.


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