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Side effects of downsizing breast implants

Side effects of downsizing breast implants

While most women remain satisfied with the size of their breast implants, there are some women who change their minds after a few years and feel their implants are too big. Many women go under the knife again to downsize their breast implants without considering the side effects of the procedure.

There are a number of factors you should consider when deciding to go for breast implant downsizing, which is a major operation that includes all the risks present in all other surgeries. Furthermore, there are a number of side effects and complications specific to the breast implant downsizing surgery.

It is important to understand that before the breast augmentation procedure, many women may find it difficult to imagine how their enhanced breasts will look after the surgery. Undoubtedly, large breasts come with its own challenges, foremost of which are health and quality of life issues. Women with large breast will not be able to participate in high endurance activities and sports without causing physical and emotional discomforts.

As mentioned, the aesthetic needs and ideals of women changes over time, compelling some to want to decrease the size of their breast implants. It is also possible that the previous plastic surgeon placed bigger implants in their chests than they desired.

The good news is that the outcomes of downsizing breast implants can be impressive provided it is done by a highly qualified, Board-Certified plastic surgeon. Please note that not all plastic surgeons are experienced and skilled in delivering the best results with breast implant downsizing. Also, the results depend on a number of factors.

What does the breast implant downsizing involve?

In order to understand the side effects of downsizing breast implants, it is important to know what the procedure involves. The process of the surgery normally involves replacing the large breast implants with smaller ones, and then reshaping the breast tissue to make the breasts look natural and smaller.

Downsizing breast implant is technically more challenging and tedious than enlarging the breast implants. Since the implant pocket is very big, it is more difficult for the surgeon to reshape the pocket and accommodate a smaller implant. Furthermore, the skin surrounding the implants had already been stretched so the surgeon will have to remove excess skin, fat and tissue to tighten and keep breasts firm and taut. The surgeon has to be highly skilled to avoid creating sagging breasts.

If your skin is firm and elastic, the breast implant downsizing procedure can be pretty straightforward and deliver good results. In such a case, the surgeon will remove the large implants by cutting into old scars and replacing them with new, smaller implants while contouring the breasts into its new shape and size. . It goes without saying that the surgeon must make sure the new size is proportionate to the rest of the body. A smaller implant can give stunning results especially giving you well-proportioned, young looking and shapely breasts.

Side effects

Even though most of the side effects and potential complications of downsizing breast implants are same as those of all other surgeries, there are a number of side effects specific to implant downsizing.

  • Change in breast shape: If the breasts were sagging or indicated signs of ptosis before the original breast augmentation procedure, or if the breasts have become droopy after the original breast augmentation surgery, the condition will be even more visible and distinct after the breast implant downsizing procedure.
  • Age and skin elasticity: The patient’s age is a critical factor when it comes to the chance of side effects after breast implant downsizing. As the patient ages, her skin loses elasticity and the breast tissue becomes loose. Performing the downsizing procedure in such a case not only worsens skin sagginess, but also triggers other health complications. Older women will get poor results with implant downsizing than younger women. Also, the longer the implant has been in place, the poor the downsizing results.
  • The amount of breast tissue: Women who had a lesser amount of breast tissue prior to the breast augmentation surgery will get unnatural and unpleasant breast size and outline after the breast implant downsizing surgery. If the tissue is loose, the breasts will not become firmer, and the texture will be bad.
  • Tissue adoption: The manner in which the current breast tissue tailored to the large implants, and the way it can adapt to the smaller implants is unpredictable. This means that the breasts may become asymmetrical if the tissue fails to adapt properly to the smaller breast implants after the downsizing procedure.

The side effects, risks and potential complications of downsizing breast implants common with other surgeries includes the following:

• Infections

• General dissatisfaction with the outcomes

• Excessive loss of blood

• Adverse reaction of the patient’s body with the anesthesia

• Unbearable breast pain and discomfort after the surgery

• Loss of breast sensation or change in breast sensation that can be permanent or temporary

• Nipple sensation change or loss

• Capsular contracture or hardening of the capsule around the implants

• Excessive scarring

• Implant rupture or leakage

• Death of skin

• Asymmetrical breasts

• Breast disfigurement or deformity

• Fatigue and loss of memory after the implant downsizing

• Loss or change in the patient’s cognitive ability

• Triggering of autoimmune disorder

• Seroma

• Hematoma


Downsizing breast implants is a major operation. It comes with a number of side effects. Many women decide to go under the knife to decrease their breast implant size. Their motivation is often triggered by a change in their aesthetic goals after the original breast augmentation procedure.

During the breast implant downsizing procedure, the large implants are replaced with smaller implants. At the same time, the breast tissue is moved to accommodate the smaller implants. There are a number of side effects, risks and complications associated with breast implant downsizing. After the procedure, your breast shape may change, or your breasts may become asymmetrical. Depending on a range of factors, the breast tissue may fail to adapt to the new implants.

Given the potential side effects of downsizing breast implants, patients should choose to go for the procedure only after careful study. You must consider all the factors and side effects of the procedure explained above before making your decision. Knowing and understanding all the risks, you decide to go for the surgery, it is very important that you have it done by a highly qualified, Board-Certified plastic surgeon who has a wealth of experience in performing breast implant downsizing procedure.


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, Side effects of downsizing breast implants
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, Side effects of downsizing breast implants
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