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Post-op advice you need to follow after a breast augmentation

Post-op advice you need to follow after a breast augmentation

Post-op advice you need to follow after a breast augmentation



The breasts play a critical role in defining the femininity and physical beauty of women. Smaller breasts not only look unappealing and affect your overall body outline but also lead to lower self-esteem. Women desire to have fuller and projected breasts. If your breasts are smaller and the condition is affecting your self-esteem and quality of life, you may consider getting breast augmentation surgery.

Depending on the aesthetic flaws in your breasts and the improvements you want to achieve, the plastic surgeon may recommend breast implant surgery or fat transfer to the breasts. Breast augmentation is a major operation because it involves incisions and surgical trauma. As such, the surgeon will give you post-op advice to be followed during the recovery period, which can extend to several weeks.  


Breast augmentation surgery

To understand why it is vital to follow the surgeon’s post-op advice, you need first to see the bigger picture of what the procedure involves. Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia, and after which you fill fall asleep and not remember anything about how the operation was carried out.

After the anesthesia administration, the doctor will make incisions on the breasts if you are undergoing breast implant surgery. He will then insert and place the implants into the breasts through the incisions. There are two types of breast implants: silicone and saline. Both of these implants come in different size options. The surgeon will recommend you the breast implant size suitable for you.

After putting the implants into the breasts, the surgeon will then suture and close the incisions. Now that you know how the surgery is performed, you can understand how invasive the procedure can be. It is for this reason that the post-op advice is provided and you must make sure to follow that advice.

On the other hand, fat transfer surgery involves the use of the excess, unwanted fat in your body to add projection and shape to the breasts. Unlike breast implant surgery, this procedure does not augment your breasts considerably. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will make tiny incisions on the fat donor areas in your body, such as the flanks, abdomen, and upper back. He will then use liposuction to remove the excess fat from those areas.

The surgeon will then spin the fat in a centrifuge with the goal to purify it. Once the fat is cleaned, the surgeon will carefully transfer it to your breasts. Fat transfer is done by using a special needle to inject the fat cells into your breasts carefully. This procedure does not involve incisions on the breasts, but on the fat donor sites. Just like breast implant surgery, patients undergoing fat transfer will also be advised to follow specific instructions. 


Post-op advice

The post-op advice is provided to make the recovery smooth, safe, and quick for the patient. The doctor will give you instructions at the end of the surgery before you go home from the hospital. Below are the standard and most crucial post-op advice after breast augmentation surgery:


–    Go through a recovery period

Many patients assume that breast augmentation surgery is a simple procedure that does not involve incisions and surgical trauma. However, the reality is that this procedure is highly invasive and traumatic. After the procedure, your breasts will be swollen and you will experience some pain in your breasts. To recuperate from the surgical trauma and avoid the risks that may result from carelessness, the patient is advised to go through a complete recovery period after the procedure. Most of the recovery will take place during the first two weeks of the surgery; however, full recovery requires six weeks post-op. 



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–    Take sufficient rest

It is critical for the patient to take sufficient rest during the recovery period after breast augmentation. Be sure to spend most of your time resting in bed for two weeks after the procedure. You may resume work two weeks after the surgery, but if your job involves physically demanding activities, you should take more time off work. It is important to take rest because it allows your body the strength and time to focus on healing the incisions and recuperating from the trauma that it has experienced during the operation. When you take rest, the incisions will heal smoothly and quickly. 

However, this does not mean that you should completely avoid physical movements. Of course, the surgeon will encourage you to get up and take short and slow walks every few hours during the recovery period. Doing so will prevent complications like constipation and blood clotting that may result from complete inactivity. 


–    Avoid physical movements for two weeks

Patients are also advised to avoid physical movements for two weeks post-op. Keep in mind that physical activities can apply pressure to the incisions, which can cause wound splitting, infection, and bleeding. Be sure to avoid physical movements for two weeks after the procedure. Instead, you should take more rest and take at least two weeks off work to go through the primary recovery period. Also, if you have undergone fat transfer surgery, avoiding physical movements will allow enough time for your body to vascularize the fat grafts and help the results transpire quickly.


–    Avoid physically strenuous activities for six weeks

It is also vital to avoid physically demanding activities for six weeks following the procedure. Physically strenuous activities can cause many complications. Patients can experience wound dehiscence, bleeding, infection and poor scarring if they engage in physically strenuous activities during the six weeks following the procedure. 

On the other hand, if you have undergone fat transfer, physically strenuous activities can lead to damage or death of the fat cells injected into your breasts, hence keeping the results from emerging. The surgeon will advise you to avoid activities like exercises, jogging, jumping, weightlifting, and similar other activities for six weeks after the surgery. Keep in mind that your body requires at least six weeks to heal and recuperate entirely from the surgical trauma. After six weeks, you may gradually resume your routine activities. 


–    Wear the surgical compression bras

One of the most critical post-op advice is to wear the surgical compression bras instead of your regular bras for many weeks after the procedure. The surgical compression bras are primarily designed to be worn after surgery, and these bras have many benefits. They expedite the healing process, reduce the post-operative swelling, and enhance the results of breast augmentation surgery. 

Wearing regular bras right after the procedure can cause health and aesthetic complications. Usually, patients are advised to wear the surgical bras for six weeks after the procedure. These bras help in supplying blood to the incisions so that they can heal quickly and keep your breasts in the intended position until they get enough strength to retain the desired shape. 


–    Advice about sleeping

Many patients think they can sleep as they wish after the breast augmentation procedure. However, the fact is that you must avoid sleeping on your front for at least two weeks after the procedure. Sleeping on your front during this period can apply pressure to your breasts, which can result in incision opening, infection, bleeding, and abnormal scar development. Instead of sleeping on your front, you should sleep on your back and sides for two weeks post-op. After two weeks, you can gradually resume sleeping on your front but avoid doing so for a long time at once. 


–    Keep the incisions clean

The incisions are prone to be contaminated, which can cause infection. Be sure to keep the incisions clean and do not let any unauthorized person touch your breasts because it can cause infection. Also, avoid touching the incisions yourself. After six weeks, the incisions will heal and you can then resume your routine, including sexual intercourse and fondling with the breasts. Keep in mind that infection after the procedure can lead to health and aesthetic complications. If the infection spreads to the implants, it would be necessary for you to undergo surgery to remove the implants and disinfect the tissues.



Breast augmentation surgery involves incisions and surgical trauma. Patients are given post-op advice so that they can achieve the desired aesthetic improvements without experiencing any complications. It is vital for the patient to follow the advice. I have explained the most critical post-op advices that need to be followed after breast augmentation. Not following these advices can trigger a range of health and aesthetic problems for you. You can also ask the plastic surgeon to provide you tips for a safe and smooth recovery after breast augmentation. 

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, Post-op advice you need to follow after a breast augmentation
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, Post-op advice you need to follow after a breast augmentation
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