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Hourglass body procedures

Hourglass tummy tuck

($9,500 – $12,500)

The Hourglass tummy tuck is a procedure developed by Dr. Cortès. This procedure is different from a standard full tummy tuck. A standard full tummy tuck basically excises the excess skin, tightens the abdominal wall, and removes any fat below the belly button. This procedure does not include liposculpture, and typically the patient will have a cylindrical shape after surgery. The Hourglass tummy tuck is the only technique that will provide you an hourglass shape that defines the woman’s body.

Cutting the excess fat below the belly button

Tightening the abdominal muscles

Liposculpture of the abdomen and flanks

Fat transfer to the hips

Liposuction of the back

As you can see, the difference between an Hourglass tummy tuck and the standard tummy tuck is remarkable. The cost of the Hourglass tummy tuck varies per patient, based on your anatomy type, amount of fat that you have, and other factors. Our rates are based on the time that it will take Dr. Cortès to perform your surgery. The smaller you are and the less fat you have, the lower would be the cost for the procedure. The heavier you are and the more fat we need to remove to sculpt your body and create an hourglass shape, the higher the cost will be. Whatever the cost, you will have a better shape and there is no other technique that will provide you that.

Hourglass butt augmentation

( $10,500)

The Hourglass butt augmentation is also a procedure developed by Dr. Cortès. People will refer to the Brazilian butt augmentation as the procedure to amend the buttock, but it actually only provides you projection, meaning, how much your butt is going to stick out. The Hourglass buttock augmentation is much more than a Brazilian butt augmentation. The Hourglass butt augmentation is not only about projection but also provides you an hourglass shape. These are the areas that the Hourglass butt augmentation includes in the price.

Liposuction of your abdomen

Liposuction of your back

Liposuction of your sides

Liposuction of the flank

Liposuction of the thigh

In addition, you will have fat injection to the buttock for projection like the typical Brazilian butt augmentation, but also fat injection for shaping your buttock into a beautiful sexy hourglass shape.In the event that you have more fat, Dr. Cortès will add fat transfer to the hip at no additional cost. If you want liposuction of the following areas, chin, arms on any other areas that are not included in the price, we charge $750 per area.

Hourglass butt implant

( $12,500)

Dr. Cortès performs buttock augmentation with silicone implants in those patients who do not have enough fat. The cost of the procedure includes liposuction on any area where you have excess fat. These are the areas where liposuction may be done:

Liposuction of your abdomen

Liposuction of your back

Liposuction of your sides

Liposuction of the flank

Liposuction of the thigh

Liposuction of the arm

When Dr. Cortès performs this surgery, not only does he insert a buttock implant, but he will also do fat transfer to the buttocks at the same time as the implant to give you an hourglass shape. An Hourglass buttock augmentation includes not only inserting the buttock implant, but also shaping your buttock at the same time with fat transfer to the hip and sides of your buttocks. Dr. Cortès rarely performs a buttock implant alone, because this does not provide the best shape.

Hourglass Hip

( $7,500 – $9,500)

The Hourglass hip is a procedure developed by Dr. Cortès for those patients who are more concerned about having a curvy figure and/or having enough fat for their buttock. With the hourglass hip procedure Dr. Cortès harvests fat from the abdomen, flank sides, upper and lower back, thighs, and arms. This fat is transferred only to the hips. The hourglass hip starting price is $7500 and the cost will depend on how much fat you have and how long it will take to harvest the fat. The smaller you are, the cheaper the price will be. The heavier you are, the more time and effort is needed to achieve an acceptable result.

Hourglass mommy makeover

( $14,000 –$19,000)

The Hourglass mommy makeover is a procedure in which Dr. Cortès combines an Hourglass body procedure with Wonder breast procedures. Depending on your anatomy, type of breast, and the sagginess of your breast, Dr. Cortès combines either Hourglass tummy tuck, Hourglass lipo, or Hourglass hips with any of our Wonder breast procedures like the Wonder breast lift, Wonder breast reduction, Wonder breast revision, Wonder breast augmentation or Wonder breast lift with implants.This is why the procedure price varies from patient to patient. Some examples:

$12,000 for an Hourglass tummy tuck with breast augmentation and implant

$16,000 for an Hourglass tummy tuck, Wonder breast lift, or Wonder breast reduction and/or breast lift with augmentation with implants

Hourglass Lipo

( $7,500 )

Hourglass lipo is liposuction performed in a very specific way to sculpt your waist. Hourglass lipo does not include fat transfer to the hips. The cost will vary depending on the areas where you want liposuction to be performed. The more areas where liposuction is done, the more expensive the procedure is going to be. Typically, the procedure starts at about $6000.

Wonder breast procedures

Wonder Breast Augmentation

( $3,900 – $5,500 )

Dr. Cortès uses an individualized approach to choose the right implant for you. The following are the prices for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation with saline implant is $3900. The cost for the breast augmentation with silicone implant is $5000.

Wonder breast lift

( $9,500 )

The Wonder breast lift is a procedure that Dr. Cortès developed to accomplish the best results after years of performing hundreds of breast lifts. The Wonder breast lift is very different from the typical breast lift that you might get from other surgeons. In the Wonder lift, your breasts will be reshaped in such a way that you look as if you have had breast implants. The long-term results last much longer than a typical breast lift where only skin is excised and the skin envelope alone is used to hold the breast in place. Typically, the Wonder breast lift starts around $9500. It includes liposuction in the axilla and on the side of the breast for a better result.

Wonder breast reduction

( $9,500 )

The Wonder breast reduction is a technique developed by Dr. Cortès. Basically, Dr. Cortès performs a breast reduction with reshaping of the breast to provide you with a nicer contour and appearance. In this procedure, Dr. Cortès not only reduces your breast, but also reshapes your breast and suspends the breast using a number of natural anatomicalstructures to provide you with the best results possible. You will look like you have implants but with no implants, and the results last longer due to the internal breast suspension and reshaping. The Wonder breast reduction starts around $9500. Liposuction is included in the price.

Wonder Breast lift with implant

( $6,000 – $9,000 )

Breast lift with an implant ranges in price depending on how much sagginess is present. The price range starts at $6500 and can go as high as $9900 depending on the type of implant you are going to use, how much sagginess you have, and how much work we need to do to provide you with a very nice breast shape. Dr. Cortès performs liposuction if necessary on the axilla and the side of the breast to provide you with the best shape possible. Liposuction is included in the price.

Wonder breast revision

( $5,500 – $13,500 )

Dr. Cortès routinely revises breastsaftertypical aesthetic complications of breast surgery such as wide areolas, implant malposition, synmastia, rippling, and implant infection or malfunction requiring removal and replacement. The cost will depend on the complexity of the problem. The price ranges from $5500.00 – $13,500.00

Other procedures

Brow Lift

($5,500 )

The brow lift typically starts around $5500.

Eyelid Surgery

( $6,500)

Eyelid surgery price will depend on whether surgery is performed on the upper lid, lower lid, or both. The procedure starts around $6,500.


( $5,500)


( $8,500)


( $6,500)

Brachioplasty is a procedure to enhance your arms. The procedure time will depend on how much excess skin you have and how much liposuction we need to do. Typically, brachioplasty starts about $6,500.

Gynecomastia Correction

( $6,500)

Typically, Dr. Cortès will provide liposuction of the chest and excision of the skin in those patients who have excessive excess skin. This procedure typically starts around $6,500.

Medial Thigh Lift

( $7,000)

Typically, Dr. Cortès will provide liposuction of the chest and excision of the skin in those patients who have excessive excess skin. This procedure typically starts around $6,500.

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