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plastic surgeon, Meet Dr. Cortés

Meet Dr. Cortés

Dr. Wilberto Cortés is a highly qualified, skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

He graduated with the highest academic distinction from the Ponce School of Medicine, a US Accredited Medical School in Puerto Rico. From there, he was accepted in the highly competitive Integrated Residency Program in Plastic Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin. During that period, he did his research and traveled to South America where he completed a well-acclaimed landmark study that has been presented in prestigious fora nationwide and cited in books. Dr. Cortes is a prominent Board-Certified plastic surgeon who has earned a number of awards and distinctions during his medical studies and distinguished career. It must be underscored that becoming a plastic surgeon requires rigorous, intensive training in specialized surgical disciplines not usually done in general surgery and Dr. Cortes went through all that.
In his early years, Dr. Cortes was able to hone his skills while working with one of the best specialists in one of the highly acclaimed and respected plastic surgery facilities in the US. He gained mastery in body contouring procedures and other plastic surgery techniques, and passionately worked at raising the bar and upholding high standards of excellence in his specialized field.
Lyndon B. Johnson said, “The noblest search is the search for excellence.” Dr. Cortes was always searching for new ways to further refine his skills, find new approaches to achieve aesthetic improvements on the human body, and modernize and improve on traditional plastic surgery methods. After spending about seven years of relentless study and practice, he developed a number of cutting-edge techniques and procedures to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

plastic surgeon, Meet Dr. Cortés

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Some of his signature body-sculpting procedures

After acquiring extensive experience with the best plastic surgeons, Dr. Cortes started his own practice in Houston. He built up a long list of patients who were very impressed by the amazing aesthetic results of his procedures. He started his practice as a complete cosmetic solution provider and went on to grow from strength to strength, building a tradition of delivering unmatched body contouring services to his patients.

His popularity soon spread across the world through word of mouth, online reviews and testimonials of satisfied patients. Today, people from across the world come to seek advice and treatment from Dr. Cortes. The media also noticed his personalized and high-quality services. He has already appeared in a number of TV shows to explain his unique and effective plastic surgery techniques and methods.

Hourglass buttock augmentation with implants

Hourglass tummy tuck

Hourglass butt augmentation via fat transfer

Wonder breast reduction

Wonder breast augmentation

Wonder breast lift

Wonder breast revision

Dr. Cortes is a firm advocate for continuing education, unceasing improvement, and pioneering innovation. He constantly explores new avenues for plastic surgery and regularly undergoes trainings to keep up with the innovations and improvements in the industry. He has made it his life’s mission to work hard and give his best to each of his patients.

plastic surgeon, Meet Dr. Cortés
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plastic surgeon, Meet Dr. Cortés
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