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Dr. Cortés routinely sees patients from other states and from all over the world. You can make arrangements to meet Dr. Cortés, who isknown worldwide as “Dr. Hourglass.” Patients frequently travel from within the United States and even from other continents to have surgery with Dr. Cortés.It would be our honor to arrange for your traveling needs. If you are considering some of the featured techniques developed by Dr. Cortés, like the Wonder breast procedures or the Hourglass buttock procedures, we can make your stay in Houston the most pleasant possible. Most patients will fly through Houston’s Bush International Airport and travel a short distance to Dr. Cortés’ office, located about 25 minutes from the airport in the Galleria at the heart of downtown Houston. The Surgical Center is located about 20 minutes from the airport.


The best way to determine if you are a candidate for a particular procedure is to submit photographs by Internet to With some pictures, we can get an idea of your needs and evaluate your situation in terms of candidacy for the specific plastic surgery procedure that you desire. It is important that we get the pictures before your travel arrangements are made because some patients are not suitable candidates for certain operations; in such cases traveling long distance might be completely unnecessary. Once Dr. Cortéshas reviewed your clinical history as well as your photographs, we will either e-mail you or call you to let you know if you are candidate for the operation you are requesting. If you are a likely candidate for a specific surgery, we will setup a preoperative consultation and make hotel arrangements if necessary. Once we have decided that you are a candidate for surgery, we will give you a cost for the procedures as well as hotel arrangements if necessary.

Dr. Cortés performs his surgery at the Houston Northwest Medical Center. This hospital is located near the intersection of FM 1960 and Highway 45. After the surgery, you will need to stay between 7 and 14 days in the Houston area. The length of stay will depend on your specific procedure, the typical healing time, and a specific recommendation by Dr. Cortés.

It is very important that you disclose all your medical issues, because your medical health and well-being are our chief concerns. It is required for out-of-town patientsto complete a form regarding any type of medical condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc., before traveling from other states or other countries. We also require a pregnancy test as well as a very standard blood test to determine if you have underlying issues such as anemia that will not allow you have surgery with Dr. Cortés. We very much look forward to hearing from you, and we expect that your travel to Houston will be most fruitful, allowing for the kind of wonderful body transformation that Dr. Cortés always does.

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