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Am I too old for breast augmentation

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Am I too old for breast augmentation

If you are interested to enhance the look of your breasts but is reluctant because you think that you are too old for the surgery, then it’s good to know that this surgical intervention can be performed on any women, despite the age, as long as the surgeon finds her healthy.

You should not fall to misconceptions that there is an age limit when it comes to breast enhancement. While a majority of the patients are mostly in their prime, you must not think that you will not be deemed fit for the intervention. What’s more important is that you set a realistic expectation. Your surgeon will discuss your options and the most recommended technique and you must understand what the surgery can and cannot give you.

Because of your age, it is likely that you have an advanced level of breast sagginess as the skin gets thinner over the years and the breast tissues become weak.   These natural factors will, of course, affect the result of the breast surgery.

The breast implants that will be put will settle depending on how your breast itself counteracts the force of the implant’s weight. But here’s a positive note. The weaker the breast, the more the breast will have a natural look. As you age, it will be easier to understand that your breasts will sag naturally. In fact, there is a certain age limit for most women when their breasts eventually sag.

Because inserting implants on low-hung breasts is not advisable, the surgeon might tell you that you would need to undergo a breast lift surgery as well. As long as you are healthy, you can undergo these procedures. Understanding what type and look you want for your breasts based on your age should be a priority when it comes to discussing with your plastic surgeon.


December 2, 2016



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