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Breast augmentation areola

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Breast augmentation areola

In this video, I am going to discuss and you are going to see me performing a periareolar breast augmentation. This technique has been called periareolar as the incision is created around the areola. So, let’s start the surgery. When I perform the surgery, I make a cut in the lower part of the areola. I then dissect vertically down through the breast tissue, cauterizing any bleeders, until I identify the landmark of the pectoralis major muscle.


In this diagram, you will be able to see the dissection until we reach the muscle of the chest. The pectoralis major muscle lies under the breast. Once I identify the pectoralis major muscle, I dissect over the muscle inferiorly and detach the muscle on the lower part from the midline all the way to the side of the breast. I will then insert either a saline implant or a silicone implant. If it is a saline implant, I will place the saline bag through the incision and inflate the breast to make it bigger.


If it is a silicone breast implant, I will have to insert the implant using a funnel or some other device to recreate the beautiful breast. The incisions are closed in multiple layers by putting deep sutures into the breast. It will be followed by deep dermal sutures, followed by a running suture. You will be going home the same day.


As a reminder, when I perform a periareolar breast augmentation, there tends to be a little bit more bruising and swelling than when I use the inframammary approach for breast augmentation. The reason is that in order to perform a breast augmentation through the areola, I have to dissect more extensively in order to reach the pectoralis major muscle and the plane above the muscle or below the muscle.




September 29, 2016




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