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Breast augmentation asymmetries

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Breast augmentation asymmetries

The normal reaction of a person who has seen a flaw in his/her body is to correct the said imperfection. However, there are certain parts of the body which are naturally imperfect. If you will be observant in your own body, you will notice that your breasts are asymmetrical. An absolute symmetry of the breasts is extremely rare in women. In most cases, there is a difference between the two breasts that the patient may even be unaware of. If the differences are minimal, the patient usually does not see it, and it is the plastic surgeon’s responsibility to discuss this during the preliminary consultations.


There are cases when the differences are extremely noticeable just like when the breast is larger than the other. One of the common reasons why there are cases where one breast is larger than the other is because the breasts lack in chest muscles. On the other hand, there are instances when one or both breasts have nipple areolas at different heights or at different positions such as veering to the sides or too in the middle. Asymmetries are also possible at the inframammary fold, with one breast positioned higher and one lower. In the case of very small breasts, the inframammary fold might be nonexistent, and the plastic surgeon will have to create it during the breast augmentation surgery.


If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation, it is important for you to have a physical examination prior to surgery. This is because not all breast asymmetries can be easily corrected with the help of plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon should properly evaluate the asymmetries and recommend the best possible corrective procedures for your consideration. Silicone implants of different volumes can be used if the breasts have different sizes. If implants of the same volume will be introduced on breasts that are already monumentally asymmetric, then the unaesthetic asymmetry will simply be all the more visible.


December 4, 2016



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