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Breast augmentation capsule contracture

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Breast augmentation capsule contracture

Before you undergo any kind of surgical procedure, it is recommended for you to have a background check on what the intervention is all about. Understanding the procedure itself will clear out the confusions of the patients. It will also help in clarifying the misconceptions brought by lack of knowledge. Just like in the breast augmentation surgery, people who are interested in this breast enhancement procedure must be aware with capsule contracture. Capsule forms around the breast implant in the first four to six weeks of breast implantation. You should not fear this condition because it is a normal process that occurs in every single patient.


However, the said capsules that form around the breast implant might develop into capsule contractures. Many surgeons have observed that the said contractures progress in a pan of two to three years. The complication will not develop unless a silicone implant is used. To determine if there is a capsular contracture, certain physical characteristics should be examined. The first thing to look after is firmness. Know that after a silicone implant is placed, your breast should feel soft and natural. If your breast starts a feeling firm of firmness, you might be having early symptoms of capsule contracture. With a saline implant, it is a little more complicated, because this implant by itself feels firm. It is your surgeon who knows if you are developing capsular contracture or not.


The second one to monitor is if your breasts are developing an abnormal shape. You will notice that at first, the breasts will start looking very round. This will be followed by the implant shifting upward and looking higher than normal. This is a more advanced level of capsule contracture. The final symptom of a capsule contracture is if your breasts are tender to touch and sometimes cold. This also indicates a contracture that is advanced and requires surgery. Knowing the symptoms is essential for you to avoid any kind of complications.




September 30, 2016




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