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Breast augmentation cleavage

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Breast augmentation cleavage

In my years of practice as a plastic surgeon, I have encountered many patients who complain about the results of surgery to other patients. They are looking at the pictures on the Internet that show an extremely large gap between the breasts. Most of the time, they are criticizing the surgeon because of the poor result of the surgery.


However, I answer their questions and confusion telling them that the gap has nothing to do with the surgeon. Everything depends on the patient’s anatomy. If you see pictures of patients with a gap between their breasts, then it means that they already have that condition prior to the surgery.


Here’s a more detailed explanation.


The breast implant is placed at the center of the breast, from the origin of the breast all the way to the lateral fold of the breast. It starts significantly away from the midline. Even if you want it so bad to have a cleavage after the surgery, the surgeon can’t just cut away your whole breast and move it to the side to satisfy your desire.


If the surgeon forces to create cleavage during surgery, the patient might suffer a complication in the future. The condition is known as symmastia. This is where both breasts will be connected through the midline and the implants will be displaced toward the midline, creating the look of three breasts instead of two.


Before everything else, you must first understand the limitations of the surgery. You can’t force the surgeon to do as you want as you might end up with a large problem that is too difficult to correct. You must know that creating a cleavage is not a recommended surgical practice.


By understanding your breasts and your breast anatomy, you will recognize that creating surgical cleavage is not going to be possible.




August 6, 2016




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