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Breast augmentation complication

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Breast augmentation complication

With its continuous popularity, breast augmentation’s techniques and procedures evolve and improve as well. The number of interested patients from the United States and even from the other countries continues to rise as well. But still, I encountered many patients who are still unaware of the real risks that are associated with different surgical interventions.


When it comes to breast augmentation, there are known complications that surgeons explain to the patients prior the surgery. As a patient, you must have an idea of what are the real risks you are facing and not the misconceptions. Also, these complications do not happen to everyone. Cases vary from one patient to another. Let me give you an overview of the common complications.


Breast pain: Even though it is normal to have some degree of pain for the first two days following breast augmentation, some patients may experience severe and prolonged pain. It depends on the expertise of the surgeon and the technique used.


Implant rupture: When a silicone implant ruptures, your breasts will not deflate or change in shape. To diagnose the condition, you will be required to undergo an MRI.


Breast asymmetry: There is a risk that the breasts may become irregular after the procedure. The breasts may become asymmetrical in size, contour, or nipple direction.


Breast sagging: After the intervention, your breasts may appear saggy. This risk is greater for patients who have poor quality or inelastic skin.


Capsular contracture: It is a condition wherein the capsule or scar tissue that normally develops around the implants after the procedure starts to contract and becomes hard. Removing the scar tissue and the implants will become necessary to treat capsular contracture.


You must keep in mind that surgeons have found out the solutions to the following as well. Just make sure that you inform your surgeon whenever you feel there is something wrong with your breasts.







September 30, 2016




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