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Breast augmentation complication

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Breast augmentation complication

Most women of today believed that the bigger breasts they have, the better. That’s why most of them sought for the help of breast augmentation surgeries. With a lot of projection that implants can give, many of them tend to choose a size of implant that is not to good for their anatomy.

When it comes to the interaction and soft tissue dynamics of the breast implant and the breast itself, studies have shown that the bigger the implant, the more problems you will have. Depending on the skin envelope and the soft tissue of the breast, the implant volume the breast can handle varies from patient to patient.

When a breast implant is placed through any of the incisions that we have described before, the soft tissue of the breast is stretched to accommodate the breast implant. If you choose an implant that is appropriate for your elasticity and breast dimensions, the soft tissue dynamic between your breast and the implant will be much better, increasing the longevity of your surgery.

So, what happens when we insert an implant that is larger than your breast can handle? First, you are going to have a more unnatural look, depending on your skin envelope and how tight your breast is. This is not necessarily bad, depending on your desired breast shape and size.

However, if we follow patients over time who have implants that are bigger than recommended, we see a progressive stretching of the skin with loss of breast tissue due to thinning as the implant pushes on the breast tissue. With time, the implant stretches the soft tissue of the breast mound, and you will start developing a gap between the implant and the breast with shifting of the implant to the side when you lie down.




September 29, 2016




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