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Breast augmentation complications

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Breast augmentation complications

Implant rupture is one of the complications that are strongly associated with breast implant surgery. Many patients worry that the silicone can harm the body once a rupture happens. Some think too much that it can cause problems or disease as it is exposed to the surrounding soft tissue.

What I want my patients to understand is that implant rupture can really occur. However, this condition is most likely to happen years later after the surgery. The implant ages, of course. Rupture can also be caused by a trauma or an accident that had a major impact on the breasts.

The top questions that I often hear from my patients are what will happen if a rupture occurs. Will it cause them harm? Will it trigger them to develop an immune disease? Worst, can it cause death? However, the answer to these questions is that even when they rupture, silicone implants do not cause any harm to the body.


It’s a good thing to know that the silicone breast implants currently on the market are better than the ones we had twenty or thirty years ago. With advances in surgical instruments as well as better implants, the risk of rupture is very low.

When a rupture happens, the decrease in the volume of the breast is unnoticeable. This is because the highly cohesive implant allows the silicone to stay within the boundaries of the capsule that has formed around the implant. Patients will just know that something is wrong because they will feel pain and discomfort. The pain feels like soreness.

It is very challenging to identify it by just palpating the breast, particularly if you have developed a capsular contracture secondary to the extrusion of the silicone. One of the standard ways to determine if you have a rupture of a silicone implant is to perform an MRI. An MRI scanner is a sensitive machine that is used to visualize the soft tissue of the body.




September 29, 2016




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