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Breast augmentation complications

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Breast augmentation complications

In terms of beauty enhancement, breast augmentation is one of the surgical interventions preferred by women. Aside from it is a simple procedure, it is believed that it is the surgery that brings immediate results. Though breast augmentation is a popular surgical procedure, few people are having a doubt with the said intervention. The reason for this is that it is linked to some health concerns.


Yes, there are risks and complications that are associated with the different procedures of breast augmentation. But be careful as there are plenty of misconceptions as well. You must not fall trap to such urban tales so that you wouldn’t have an unrealistic picture of the surgery.


The complications that may occur after breast augmentation depends on a number of factors. The risk rate is different from one patient to another. There are patients that physically healthier than the others, which means they’ are not very susceptible to these complications.


Here are the most commonly known complications that are associated with breast augmentation:


Implant rupture: When a silicone implant ruptures, your breasts will not deflate or change in shape. To diagnose the condition, you will be required to undergo an MRI.


Breast asymmetry: There is a risk that the breasts may become irregular after the procedure. The breasts may become asymmetrical in size, contour, or nipple direction.


Capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is a condition wherein the capsule or scar tissue that normally develops around the implants after the procedure starts to contract and becomes hard.


Implant palpability and rippling: There is also a risk that the breast implants may become visible through the skin. In some cases, the implants may even be felt upon touch.


The above mentioned are only some of the cases that most surgeons encounter. It is important that you do your research or ask a well trusted plastic surgeon so that you’ll know in case you are suffering from one of the possible complication after the surgery.


December 5, 2016



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