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Breast augmentation enlarge areola

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Breast augmentation enlarge areola

It is a well-known fact that breast comes in different forms. From the nipples to the areola, each patient has her own unique characteristics that must be carefully and thoroughly examined by plastic surgeons before proceeding with any kind o breast enhancement intervention.


Among the most important anatomical structures that are being looked upon as the standard for aesthetically pleasant breasts are the nipples and the areola. In my experience, one of the things that I see mostly from my patients is an enlarged areola.


Let me define what an enlarged areola is.


The areola is made of skin with some glands. In my opinion, when the measurement of a patient’s areola is bigger than 4 to 4 1/2 cm, I already consider it as an enlarged areola. Typically, the areola becomes larger due to pregnancy. It often causes an unappealing look of the breasts as enlargement creates disharmony between the areola and the breast mound.


When I perform a surgical intervention that aims to enhance the appearance of the breasts, I definitely consider where I would place the implant. I pay careful attention to the areola because whenever an implant is placed through any of the possible incisions, the areola is going to get slightly larger because the skin stretches to accommodate the new volume of the augmented breasts.


You must be aware that if you already have an enlarged areola prior to the surgery, you will have an even larger areola afterward. During a breast implant surgery, the surgeon can reduce the areola at the same time.


I typically like to make an areola of about 4 cm. Once the excess skin is removed, I suture the areola with a very strong suture to keep the areola from getting wide, and then the rest is closed using interrupted sutures that are absorbable.




September 30, 2016




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