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Breast augmentation lift

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Breast augmentation lift

Without a doubt, breast augmentation is one of the most sought cosmetic procedures in the United States. More and more patients are expressing their interest to undergo breast enhancement. In my years as a plastic surgeon, I often encounter patients who want to have implants that are bigger than their anatomy allows. I notice these particularly in patients with very tight skin.


However, if the patient has a very tight skin and they want to have implants that are bigger than the recommended size based on their anatomy, the implants will only look high, thus giving the patient an unnatural look.


This happens because when the skin needs to stretch to accommodate the implant size, your chest is going to look like a bodybuilder’s: very tight, unnatural, and many times not very pretty. But all of this will settle within the first month.


In order to lessen the possibility that the implants will be set too high, I recommend my patients to perform breast massage and to wear a breast strap that is intended to help accommodate the breast implants. The breast strap is designed in such a way that the band goes over the breasts and behind your back. This helpful garment can push the breast implants down constantly.


Aside from that, the breast strap will help stretch the implants. It will aid in settling the breasts implants in their appropriate place during the first couple of weeks when there are no scars around the implants. It is important the implants be pushed down before the scars form. It will be very hard to do so once the scars had already formed. So as a patient, if you really want to see the best possible result of the surgery, you must follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon every time.




August 6, 2016




Breast Lift

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