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Breast augmentation results

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Breast augmentation results

Before going to the cosmetic clinic and telling surgeons that you want to undergo breast augmentation, you must first determine your goals. How do you want your breasts to look like? Do you want them to look very natural, more natural or not? Once you have a clear picture of what you desire, then the next step is to know if your aesthetic goals is attainable and possible based on your anatomical condition.


Your anatomy and skin tone are very important factors when it comes to choosing your breast implants. If it happens that you have a poor skin tone, it would be impossible to get a very high implant look even if you have no sagginess. Your skin has no capability to hold the breast implants in place for a long time. This happens because when the implant is placed, your skin is going to stretch.


If you insert a big implant to achieve a fuller look, the skin is going to stretch significantly and the implant is going to settle more than you want. But what is good in this condition is that your breasts will have a more natural look rather than looking fake.


Always keep in mind that the look of your breasts depends heavily on your anatomy. Regardless of how much you want to achieve a wish picture, your surgeon can’t simply follow your whims and risk your health. If you want to have a very high implant but you have a poor skin tone, accept the fact that after the surgery, the more natural your breasts are going to look.


It is always an important part of the intervention that you understand the soft tissue dynamic of the breasts. This is to keep you from expecting too much from the surgery and then get disappointed in the end.





August 6, 2016




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