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Breast augmentation surgery

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Breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation can do wonders for women who have small, sagging, flat or poorly shaped breast. Also called as augmentation mammoplasty, this surgical intervention is the answer to most women’s problem as it does not only aim to increase the size of the breast but as well as to make it perky and more aesthetically appealing.


Also, breast augmentation can also help patients that have experienced breast injury or have undergone breast cancer treatment. The intervention can help them fix their condition. For those who have asymmetrical breasts, they can also rely on the benefits that this cosmetic procedure can bring. Most of the time, the surgery involves the use of breast implants, either silicone or saline, to achieve the aesthetic goals. The needs for breast implants vary from the anatomical condition of each patient.


No matter what reasons you have when you decide to undergo breast enhancement surgery, the main goal of the procedure is to enhance your self-esteem and make you more confident on how you look like more than ever. Breast enhancement results can be beneficial for your personal, social and professional life.


But as I always tell my patients, in order to get the best possible result, one must have a realistic expectation of what the surgery can do. Every patient must be keen and honest to discuss with the surgeon their goals and expectations during the initial consultation.


The surgeon has to conduct plenty of assessment and examination and have to take several measurements before suggesting a proper course of action that may help you achieve your aesthetic goals. It is important to clearly communicate to the doctor your preferences about the breast size and the shape you want. You may take along pictures to help your doctor better understand your aesthetic expectations. You must also be ready to respect the decision of your surgeon on what is the best-recommended procedure for you.


December 6, 2016



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