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Breast augmentation surgery areola

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Breast augmentation surgery areola

When it comes to breast augmentation, it is known that there are currently four incisions that plastic surgeons use in order to create pockets for the insertion of the implants.


In this video, I am going to give you an overview of the periareolar breast augmentation. By definition, the periareolar breast augmentation is performed by creating an incision around the areola.


When it comes to the anatomy of the breast, one of the parts that make the breasts beautiful and aesthetically appealing is the areola.


Because there is a color difference between the areola and the normal skin, it makes it possible for the surgeon to place an incision. This is a great technique as the scar will be completely masked by the transition from the darker skin to the lighter skin.


In this technique, the surgeon creates a small incision at the lower part of the areola. The dissection will continue until the breast tissue until the muscle of the chest is identified. A pocket will be created and then the breast implants will be inserted.


Now, let’s talk about the advantages of periareolar breast augmentation. There is a significant number of patients with asymmetric breasts. Though it is a given fact that all breasts are asymmetrical, some are just too noticeable. The asymmetries include differences in areola size or nipple size, minor sagginess, and major sagginess.


If you want to fix your problem that is related to the areola complex, there’s a high possibility that your surgeon will recommend the periareolar breast augmentation. Based on practice, it is a better approach than an incision under the breast. This is because there would be no need to do an incision under the breast to insert the implant and then one around the areola to fix the periareolar problems.





September 29, 2016




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