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Breast augmentation symmastia

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Breast augmentation symmastia

Breast augmentation is associated with plenty of health complications. However, most patients are only familiar to capsular contracture. In this video, I will give you an overview of another complication that patients must be aware of. The condition is called symmastia. So how does a patient end up having this complication?


Once your breast implants blend or unite in the focal point of your mid-section, it can trigger symmastia. This complication is also known as uni-boob. A patient has a high risk of developing this condition when the tissues in the cleavage area are over-sectioned amid the breast enlargement surgery. Thin patients, however, have the higher risk of developing this condition as well as those with a depressed breastbone.


In surgeons’ point of view, they deliberately make symmastia with the trust of making the cleavage noticeable, along with other minor factors. Among the symptoms is when the patient feels inconvenient inconveniences in the focal point of the mid-section. Worse, symmastia can also trigger rippling.


Here are the top cases that can trigger this complication:


  • Large breast implants have been erroneously embedded and put within the breasts
  • The connective tissue over the sternum is destabilized
  • The patient is petite and the breast implants are too voluminous
  • The regions containing the implants are arranged close to the focal point of the mid-section

As a patient, you can tell if you already have symmastia simply by looking at your breasts, especially in the mid-section. If you see that they are joining each other in the focal point of your mid-section, it means that symmastia is present.  You have to inform your surgeon right away to avoid further complications such as rippling. To correct symmastia is essential since it is a post-surgical issue that needs a full, efficient strategy and complex techniques.



December 8, 2016



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