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Breast implant mammogram

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Breast implant mammogram

Because there have been studies that show the association breast implants to a kind of cancer, patients are always advised by plastic surgeons to return to the surgical clinic from time to time, even years after the intervention.


If you have breast implants, there are certain things that surgeons must need to consider when it comes to cancer detection. First, breast implants can obscure the view of the breast tissue in a mammogram, thus increasing the possibility of a late detection. This increases the death rate theoretically.


The breast implants can be placed below or above the muscle. However, the literature suggests that if the implant is placed below the muscle, early detection of cancer using mammogram can be easier. This is because the implant is not obscuring the view of the breast tissues. However, it is not the same as when the implant is placed above the muscle.


However, there are no actual studies that suggest that implants decrease the survival rate of patients who develop breast cancer after breast augmentation surgery.


You must embrace the importance of getting regular mammogram screening especially if you have breast implants. But don’t forget to tell the technologist before the screening. You must have a diagnostic mammogram rather than the usual screening mammogram.


Whether you have silicone or saline implants, the X-rays used in mammogram cannot go well enough to show your breast tissue under the implant. There will be parts of the breast tissue that cannot be seen because they are being covered by the implant.


Take a closer look at these pictures called implant displacement (ID) views, the implant is pushed back against the chest wall and the breast is pulled forward over it. This allows better imaging of the front part of each breast.


What’s more difficult to view is the implant displacement. It can be extremely uncomfortable for patients, especially if they have had suffered from capsular contracture.



March 30, 2017



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