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Breast Lift Scars

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Breast Lift Scars

When you come to my clinic wanting a breast enhancement but are not really sure what procedure will serve your goals the best, and then I will help you decide. I will assess your anatomical conditions, as well as the other factors.


Upon assessment and examination and I saw that your nipple-areolar complex is off-center as measured from the inframammary fold, I would definitely recommend the breast lift technique. It is one of the breast enhancement techniques that can make your breasts look and feel nice.


However, in most cases, my patients request to have as little scarring as possible. As much as I want to minimize scarring for my patients’ satisfaction, ultimately, the answer will depend on your breasts and the amount of sagginess that you have.


Before the breast lift intervention, I have to measure first the real volume of your breast, your apparent breast volume and of course, the current distance from the nipple-areolar complex to where it is supposed to be. I have to get these measures appropriately so that I would know the best technique to use to satisfy your aesthetic goals.


If your breast sagginess is less than 3cm, I can perform a minor breast lift. It means that the incision will have to be created just around the areola. Let’s take a look at a patient who had undergone a minor breast lift intervention. Take note that if there is 3 cm of breast sagginess, then you don’t have a lot of excess skin.


Take a look at the area that needs to be excised. The scar can be hidden by creating the closure around the areola. However, you must know that the more sagginess you have, the bigger the circle will get. It is impossible to bunch all the skin from a large circle into a smaller circle.



March 30, 2017



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