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Can breast implant make me sick

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Can breast implant make me sick

While there is a high satisfaction rate when it comes to breast cosmetic surgeries, it is undeniable that there are still plenty of debates that tackle about the safety of breast implants.


Even with the advancement of technology, still, many women worry about the safety not only of the procedure but as well as the implants. I often hear their concerns pertaining to implants, if their health will be at risk in the long run. While there are known risks and complications that are always associated with breast augmentation, the FDA has approved the use of implants for surgery.


Many women are showing interest in different kinds of cosmetic enhancement, thus it requires manufacturers to improve the quality of the breast implants that are being introduced on the market. In my years of practice, many of my patients ask me if they can acquire illnesses such as connective tissue disease, pain disorders, rheumatologic disorders, immune dysfunction, etc once they undergo the surgical interventions. I always tell them that silicone breasts implants are extremely safe.


For decades, the FDA has conducted plenty of studies and experiments to ensure that the breasts implants are safe. As the years go by, there are plenty of technological advancement that makes the implants more cohesive, more consistent and sturdier. Its tensile strength has been increased and it can maintain its shape longer than the early implants that were introduced.


Moreover, the shell of the implant has been upgraded and refined as well. Improvements have shown a lower risk when it comes to leakage and rupture. These studies have shown that silicone implants are very safe and a definitive association with disease has been conclusively refuted in many studies.


However, keep in mind to choose the right surgeon once you’ve decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery.


March 3, 2017



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