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Can my breast implant explode on a plane

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Can my breast implant explode on a plane

Breast implants are not only associated with risks and complications, there are also plenty of misconceptions and urban tale. There are believable concepts but there are those that are downright absurd to be even considered.


One of the most absurd misconceptions that I have heard from my patients is if their breast implants will explode once they are inside a plane that reaches 20,000 feet altitude. Well, I usually say that if that condition is true, it would have made headlines not only in the United States but all over the world. As statistics show, there is one in every 26 women in America that have breasts implants and I’ve never heard of such case.


The popular urban tales and misconceptions are among the prime reasons why you must have an idea about the surgery before you decide if you will undergo or not. It is important for every patient to know about the history of breast implants, how they are manufactured and what materials were used. The silicone implant that has been approved by the DFA has thick and durable silicone shells. The bag that also serves as the shell is made of silicone as well. The insides are filled with silicone that is of high-grade medical quality. Studies and surgical interventions have shown that this implant is made to withstand trauma and even mammogram and other extreme conditions.


With the development and innovation of implants over the years, the possibility of breast implants to rupture lessens significantly. However, you must not think that it will not happen to you anymore, especially if the shell weakens. With regards to this, I always tell my patient that silicone implants are not permanent. Proper care and the patient’s discipline are of utmost importance as well as follow up to your plastic surgeon from time to time.




March 1, 2017



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