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Correcting methods for asymmetric breast

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Correcting methods for asymmetric breast

It is a normal thing for women’s breasts to be asymmetrical. This is nothing to worry about because there are plastic surgery interventions available that can be used to correct those asymmetries and improve the overall look of the breasts. Usually, the asymmetries are more visible after pregnancy or other traumatic events that change the size, volume and shape of the breasts. So how will you know if it is the right time to seek surgical intervention? Consider the following:


1. If the differences in the size and volume of the breasts are quite significant
2. If breast ptosis is severe
3. If one of the breasts might be sagging more than the other
4. If the nipple and areola complex is considerably asymmetrical in shape, size, and position


However, you have to remember that not all asymmetries can be corrected with the help of plastic surgery intervention. On the other hand, there are certain asymmetries that can be corrected and improved. One of these is volume asymmetries which can be corrected in two ways. One of which is through breast reduction surgery. In this procedure, the larger breast is reduced to a size closer to the other breast considered to have the more optimal size and shape. It can also be corrected by inserting an implant in the smaller breast to bring it up to the size of the other breast. In most cases when the breasts are small, it is better to have implants in both breasts, but of different volumes. Using fat transfer to the breasts, aside from the breast implant, can further correct this imperfection.


Conversely, the breast lift procedure, breast augmentation, or breast lift are performed to correct the asymmetries of the dimensions of the areolas. Be mindful that there is no guarantee that you can achieve perfect breasts even if you undergo surgical interventions. This is because different responses of the body are observed during the healing process.


December 6, 2017



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