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Do breast implants need to be replaced

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Do breast implants need to be replaced

In my years of experience as a plastic surgeon, one of the questions that I commonly hear from my patients is if it required replacing their breast implants after ten years. Well, the answer is no.

Breast implants that are being used for enhancement are made of silicone. This substance is accepted by the body. There are cases where breast implants have proved to be a permanent device unless complications arise due to several factors. One of these is the capsular contracture.

But as long as there are no health risks or conditions that a patient encounters, the breast implants do not require to be removed even decades after the surgery. There are many patients on record that still have their breast implants for 20 years now and even longer than that. What’s more amazing is that they have maintained the intact beauty of their breast even after so many years.

Of course, there are particular cases where the implants need to be removed or replaced. If a patient developed ptosis or breast asymmetry, a revision surgery to the breast would be highly recommended. It has been proved that the breast implants that are being introduced on the market today are way better than the previous ones.

The reason why patients have this kind of concern is the warranty of the breast implant product. Most manufacturers give a ten-year warranty period. What I want my patient to understand is not because the warranty had already expired, their breast implants must be replaced as well. If there is no complication, they don’t need to undergo revision surgery especially if they take proper care of their body.

Remember, surgery can make things better but also worse, so make sure to discuss your concerns, whatever that may be with your plastic surgeon at all times.


February 25, 2017



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