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Fat Transfer to the Breasts

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Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Breast augmentation is one of the most sought procedures in terms of beauty enhancement. Aside from it is a simple procedure, the patients can see the results immediately. If you are planning to undergo this kind of surgery, you have to be aware of the procedures and techniques that will be used to perform this intervention. Know that in this surgical procedure, fat transfer will be performed.


Fat transfer is used to augment different areas of the body, including the hips for the hourglass hip procedure and the buttocks for the hourglass buttock augmentation procedure. However, some patients are requesting a fat transfer to the breasts. This is another procedure that can be performed to enhance your breasts. Fat is harvested from the abdomen, flanks, sides, back, or any area where you have excess fat, and the fat is then injected into the breasts.


Fat transfer can be considered for primary breast augmentation. This means that you haven’t had any other breast procedures and you just want to use fat instead of an implant for augmentation. In this situation, most surgeons prefer using an implant rather than fat. This is because there are instances of fat transfer where the transferred fat dies. When the fat dies in the breast, it creates calcifications that can be misinterpreted as cancer during a routine mammogram. There are many studies trying to figure out the difference between calcifications secondary to cancer and those secondary to a breast enhancement procedure with fat.


On the other hand, breast fat transfer can be very useful in revision breast surgery. A revision breast surgery is done because the breast volume has been altered significantly by the pressure of the implant on the breast itself. Moreover, patients who have had secondary breast surgery with a lift and augmentation experience implant bottoming out. Instead of performing a more extensive breast lift, a skin-only breast lift can be performed.



February 22, 2017



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