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How long do I need to wear a post-op bra?

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How long do I need to wear a post-op bra?

Some patients who have undergone breast augmentation do not follow the surgeon’s advice. This is the reason why some of them get disappointed with the results. Know that there are certain measures to be followed after the intervention to attain better results. Postoperative bras are used after breast augmentation. You already know that the bra is a great way of providing support to the breast after surgery. It is recommended to first use a support bra. This is essentially a sports bra commonly used for exercise. The good thing about support bras is that they will not have wires that can cause irritation and discomfort since the wire can rub against the incision itself.


Most of the time, surgeons suggest to their patients to wear a sports bra for about a month before they switch to a wired bra. There are patients who claim that the breast augmentation surgery is an anti-bra procedure since their breasts will become bigger and heavier. This can cause sagging in the long run, even though there are no prospective studies that suggest using a bra is better versus not wearing one. It would be better if the patients use a sports bra for the first month before switching to a wired bra. It is not recommended to use a bra forever after surgery because this is going to have a negative impact on your breast shape in the long run.


For you to achieve better results, follow all the instructions to be given by your surgeon. However, do not depend the after look of your breast to the bra itself because it will still depend on what kind of bra will you use. What surgeons often recommend is a sports bra since it provides a good support to the breasts after breast augmentation has been performed.


December 6, 2017



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