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Implants Bottoming Out

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Implants Bottoming Out

Before you undergo any kind of surgical procedure, it is important that you are familiar with the surgery, itself, how it is done, and what are the things to be considered before and after the intervention is done. It would be better if you are also aware of the complications that might occur so that you can prepare yourself with the right knowledge regarding the preventive measures.


One of the most common surgical procedures performed is breast augmentation. It is already mentioned before that in this procedure, you have to consider implants which are proportional to your anatomy. This is why you should have a physical examination prior to surgery so that the surgeon can tell you how big the implants should be used in your body.


So what will happen if the implants are too big for your anatomy? There is something called bottoming out which might happen if the implants are too big for your anatomy. Know that an implant is typically placed at the center of the breast. With time, the implant will settle, which is normal. However, if the patient has an implant that is very big and heavy or if the patient has poor skin elasticity, the implant will continue to descend with time. For example, if the implant is right at the center of the breast, the implant will descend in the right time. This increases the distance between the nipple and the inframammary fold.


The other reason for implants bottoming out is poor skin tone. The internal structures of the breast can be damaged by time, genetics, smoking, previous surgery, and thinning of the breast tissue. The implant has some weight and the skin is holding the implant in place. If skin elasticity is poor, the implant’s weight stretches the skin over time, allowing the implant to descend into an incorrect anatomical place.


February 17, 2017



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