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Inframammary breast augmentation

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Inframammary breast augmentation

As mentioned before, patients who have undergone breast augmentation recover faster when surgeons perform inframammary incision rather than incision around the areola. The inframammary incision, also known as incision at the fold, provides very direct access to the breast for implant placement. In the inframammary breast augmentation procedure, an incision is made at the inframammary fold once the patient is prepped and draped. The said incision is pre-marked prior to surgery. Dissection continues through the breast tissue, parallel to the chest muscle. Once the chest muscle is identified, it is completely detached from the lower border all the way to the midline to the side of the breast.


Once the surgeon is in the breast pocket, the submuscular plane or the plane below the muscle is dissected. This plane is essentially an avascular plane. There are certain vessels that you will see coming through the chest wall which are needed to be cauterized to avoid bleeding and hematoma after the procedure. If the surgeon is using a saline implant, an antibiotic solution is used to irrigate the implant and then the implant is inflated to the desired breast size. Whereas if the surgeon is using a silicone implant, the implant is inserted using a funnel or by any other means.


The last part of the procedure is closing the incision in multiple layers, starting from the deep layers all the way to the superficial layers. The incisions are covered with dressings and the patient will go home the same day. Breast augmentation is a very satisfying procedure. It is simple and requires a short recovery period. If you are planning to undergo the breast augmentation procedure, go for the inframammary breast augmentation since incision around the areola can cause more bleeding and inflammation. Aside from this, the inframammary incision provides very direct access to the breast for implant placement.



February 14, 2017



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