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Men’s plastic surgery goals

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Men’s plastic surgery goals

It is not a new thing that men also undergo plastic surgery. Similar to women’s, the main reason why men also consider plastic surgical procedures is to enhance the appearance of their bodies. One of the interventions that men consider is breast surgery. This is done to treat hypertrophy or enlarged breasts among men. Men have cosmetic surgery done on their breasts to correct any excess volume on their chest area which causes them to have relatively large man breasts. Psychologically speaking, this physical characteristic is not acceptable to men. Breast aesthetic surgery includes the elimination of the glandular hypertrophy, fat hypertrophy or mixed type, combination of glandular hypertrophy and fatty tissue hypertrophy.


If a man suffers from glandular hypertrophy, he may undergo surgery particularly if the gynecomastia or the excessive increase of the mammary gland of the male patient has not disappeared naturally. The surgical operation allows you to eliminate the excess glandular tissue. For overweight or obese patients affected with fat hypertrophy, they can undergo a simple liposuction as long as the area does not have saggy skin. Fat hypertrophy is characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissues in the chest area or adipomastia. Liposuction is a treatment to the combined hypertrophy, eliminating gynecomastia and adipomastia at the same time.


There are cases where gynecomastia is in an advanced stage. If this happens, the surgical techniques of gynecomastia and liposuction of adipomastia will have to be performed at the same time. The removal of the gynecomastia is carried out under general anesthesia for about one hour. After this, the patient will have to be hospitalized for 24 hours. Male cosmetic breast procedures can truly enhance a man’s body by providing him with a more masculine chest. Many choose the said surgical operation since the recovery period is relatively quick.


December 6, 2017



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