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Precautions after breast surgery

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Precautions after breast surgery

In any kind of surgery, it is essential to know the guidelines before, during, and after the procedure is done. Just like the preoperative stage, postoperative is also important. It is simply because the results will depend on how you will follow your surgeon’s instructions. If you obey the entire surgeon’s advice, then expect for better results. Post-operative care can make a significant difference in the results of the intervention and the recovery period of the patient. The question is how can you take care of your body after a cosmetic breast surgery has been performed?


The surgical follow-up of cosmetic breast surgery depends on the complexity of the intervention, and also whether local or general anesthesia was used. You do not have to fear the pain that will be felt after the surgery because it will only be minimal. Pain medication is given to patients for them to manage the pain felt in the treated area. This medication is only prescribed by the surgeon. After the procedure, expect that you will feel discomfort especially when you move your arms. You do not have to fear the pain because the pain will subside completely and it will become less and less painful as the day passes by. You will not feel any pain anymore when the healing is complete.


It is recommended that after surgery, the patient must strictly follow the recuperation period if she wants to get the best possible results. The recovery time is based on the complexity of the procedure. In general, those who undergo local anesthesia can resume their daily activities 48 hours after surgery. On the other hand, those who were administered with general anesthesia need to rest for at least a few more days before returning to their daily routine. It is advised to follow the instructions properly.


December 6, 2017



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