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Precautions before breast surgery

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Precautions before breast surgery

There is a need for thorough preparation before a surgeon performs breast surgery. Any patient should give her 100 percent attention to pre-operative and post-operative measures because these will help them achieve better results. Failure to observe both pre-operative and post-operative measures can lead to health risks, as well as alter the aesthetic results. This is the main reason why it is important to strictly follow the preventive measures given by the surgeon.


Each breast cosmetic procedure has its own unique set of preoperative precautions. The operative plan is based on the discussions between the patient and the plastic surgeon in order to anticipate what the results will be. It is essential that before the intervention is done, the surgeon must explain to the patient the pros and cons of the surgery, as well as the various techniques that can be used.


In this way, the patient can discuss what she wants as well as her expectations. Also, the surgeon can tell if the expectations are achievable or not. The patients should also be aware of the limitations to avoid dissatisfaction. In addition, the plastic surgeon should inform the patient about the pre-operative and post-operative requirements because it is just as impactful to the results. This includes stopping yourself from smoking or taking anti-inflammatory medication before and after surgery for a certain period of time.


Furthermore, before the surgery is performed, the surgeon should conduct a medical or physical examination to determine whether the patient is a good candidate or not for the surgery. In fact, the surgery should not be allowed until the results of the radiology tests are taken into consideration. The imagery will be analyzed by a radiologist specializing in breast imaging, while other reference tests will be done accordingly. The patient should complete the preoperative screening tests and submit the results to the plastic surgeon as soon as possible before undergoing the surgery.


December 6, 2017



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