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Recovery after Breast Augmentation

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation

One of the things that every patient should pay attention to is the recovery process after any performed surgical procedure has been performed. One of the procedures with the highest patient satisfaction is breast augmentation. This is simply because it is a simple procedure where patients can see the results right away. In this procedure, an incision is made and dissection is performed. Then, an implant is placed either below or above the muscle. Aside from the simplicity of the procedure, the reason why patients love this surgical intervention is that the recovery period is very fast. Patients can recover within 48 hours.


When it comes to the patient’s recovery, some surgeons notice that patients recover faster when they have an inframammary incision or an incision at the fold rather than having an incision around the areola. Surgeons have observed that patients who have an incision around the areola experience more bleeding and inflammation. If this happens, expect that the recovery period will be prolonged. You do not have to worry too much regarding the recovery process since there are certain techniques that could be used to help patients recover faster. One of these techniques is placing Dermabond over the incisions. Dermabond is a liquid suture that protects and reinforces the incision after it is closed with sutures.


Using Dermabond will allow the patients to take a shower with warm water after the surgery. The patients can continue their daily activities. Aside from this, they can start eating a soft diet. Part of the recovery process is to perform breast exercises such as lifting your arms, squeezing your breasts, walking around and the like. Whenever you decide to come in for breast augmentation surgery, you need to realize that you will not need to take a lot of time off. You will probably be back to work in three or four days.



February 5, 2017



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