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Silicone implant contracture

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Silicone implant contracture

If you have undergone breast augmentation or if you are still planning to undergo the said surgical intervention, then more likely, you have heard of capsular contracture. It is the most common complication that occurs whenever someone experienced breast enlargement. Different variables have been discovered to affect the manifestation of the problem. This is the primary reason why it is difficult to determine the exact incidence of capsular contractures.


The first thing that is said to affect the manifestation is the kind of implant used. Anyone who wishes to go through breast augmentation can choose between saline implants and silicone implants. Prior to surgery, the surgeon must explain to the patient that silicone implants lead to a higher chance of capsular contracture, although this is changing due to newer implants that have a better shell and less potential for silicone tissue reaction.


Aside from the kind of implant, the shell of the implant can also cause variations in the incidence of capsular contracture. The implant shell is essentially the implant bag, which can be textured or smooth. It is well accepted that the incidence of capsular contracture for textured implants is lesser when they are placed over the muscle. However, when placed under the muscle, both types have similar incidences of capsular contracture. The placement of the implant also affects the incidence of capsular contracture. It is generally accepted that if the implant is placed under the muscle, there is less chance of developing a capsular contracture.


There are capsular contractures that will require a revision of surgery. The incidence can be much higher, but other capsular contractures do not cause significant distortion, pain, or patient dissatisfaction that will require surgical intervention. The incidence is most likely related to a combination of the local breast and the patient’s variables combined with the different types of implants.




September 30, 2016




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