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Stretch marks after breast augmentation

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Stretch marks after breast augmentation

In these modern days, beauty plays a vital role in the society. Many women are doing almost everything just to enhance the beauty that they have. Every day, new beauty enhancement techniques are being developed because of technological advancements. However, in every technique, there is a risk that anyone could face. Just like in breast augmentation, patients must be aware that they could experience having stretch marks. Breast augmentation is one of the common procedures performed to improve the body.


If you will ask why it is possible for stretch marks to occur, it is simply because, in breast augmentation, an implant is placed, thus causing the breast to inflate in a given volume. Know that stretch marks occur when the skin is suddenly stretched to the point that its internal structures suffer in terms of elasticity, such as weight gain or pregnancies. There are two concepts that you need to understand regarding stretch marks. The first one is about the stretch marks that you have before the breast intervention is performed. Take note that after the surgery, the stretch marks will still be there but they will look better because the skin will be stretched, making them less invisible. On the other hand, if you do not have stretch marks prior to surgery, then be aware that you might develop these after you have undergone breast augmentation.


When an implant is placed, the breast pocket needs to expand to accommodate its volume. The bigger the implant that you choose, the more likely it is for you to develop stretch marks. As mentioned, when an implant is placed, the skin stretches when you gain weight. Remember that there is a risk of having stretch marks after breast augmentation surgery, although this depends on the patient’s skin elasticity and anatomy. The bigger the implant that you choose and the tighter your skin is, the greater the chance of developing stretch marks.


February 4, 2017



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