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Surgery for breast asymmetric

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Surgery for breast asymmetric

It is normal for women’s breasts to be asymmetrical. There are rare cases of women having breasts with absolute symmetry and some patients are unaware of this fact especially if the differences are minimal. For some who want to achieve perfect symmetry, they consider breast interventions. However, before they undertake the said procedures, a preliminary consultation should be given attention.


There are cases wherein one breast is visibly larger than the other. Sometimes, asymmetries in the breasts can be caused by lack of chest muscles on one side of the breast. Also, there are many cases in which one or both breasts have nipple areolas at different heights or different positions such as veering to the sides or too in the middle. Asymmetries are also seen in the inframammary fold, with one breast positioned higher and one lower. In the case of very small breasts, the inframammary fold might be nonexistent, and the plastic surgeon will have to create it during the breast augmentation surgery. In addition, there are cases wherein there is such a big difference between the two breasts that they look like they belong to different persons.


Silicone implants of different volumes can be considered if the breasts have different sizes. This is used to rebalance the breasts but take note that it is not that easy to conceal the difference between the two breasts. If implants of the same volume will be introduced on breasts that are already monumentally asymmetric, then the unaesthetic asymmetry will simply be all the more visible. This is why the experience of the plastic surgeon is essential and critical. If the asymmetry is in the size and shape of the nipples, it can be easily corrected with a periareolar incision.


After the surgery, the areolas will look similar, but the healing process can influence their dimensions so they might get back to their initial shape even after the surgical correction. More often than not, correcting breast asymmetries will need a combination of more than one intervention to achieve a result closer to the expectations of the patient.


December 6, 2017



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