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The Breast Lift Results

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The Breast Lift Results

When your breasts are saggy and you want to seek help from a plastic surgeon, one of the first questions that you need to answer is how you would want your breasts to look like. We are talking about how big you want your breasts to be or how full you want them to be. In most cases, especially if the sagginess of your breast is noticeable, breast augmentation surgery might not be enough to satisfy your aesthetic goals. More likely, the surgeon would recommend a breast lift intervention as well.


If you are wondering why you have to undergo breast augmentation first, this is because when a surgeon performs a breast lift without the implants, your breasts will just appear smaller. The main principle of a breast lift surgery is to excise the skin. However, the surgeon cannot remove the breast tissue as your breasts have more skin than breast tissue. Though you might think that they are bigger because of the appearance, you must know that when the skin is removed, you’ll have smaller breasts after the procedures. Only the breast tissue that is left behind will provide the roundness and fullness of your breast.


Well, if this is not acceptable to you, you still have other options. This is a breast lift with an augmentation. You must choose an implant that fits your anatomy appropriately. The surgeon will help you in this matter so that you’ll know the size that would provide the volume you desire. The implants will compensate for the decrease in size from the breast lift.


Breast lift surgery is such a wonderful technique especially if you understand not only its advantages but as well as its limitations. Discuss your options thoroughly with a well experienced plastic surgeon so that you’ll be happy with the results.



February 1, 2017



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