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The Inverted T Breast Lift

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The Inverted T Breast Lift

When you have saggy breasts and you want it to be corrected by a breast lift intervention, then you must be aware that there are many ways that surgeons use. The technique will depend on the amount of sagginess that you have.


The Inverted T Breast lift is by far the most common technique that is being used to reduce the size of the breast. This technique is called at it is because it produces horizontal and vertical scars in a T shape. Over the years, it has been considered as one of the most reliable techniques. Moreover, it is one of the easiest to perform. But in my experience, I can say that the inverted T breast lift is not always the best option for all patients. This is because of the following problems that I have noticed over the years. They are as follows:


The inverted T breast lift technique can leave a very extensive scar. It can prevent you from wearing clothes that show your cleavage.


The fundamental reason for performing a breast lift surgery is being violated by this technique. If you have lots of excess skin, your breasts have the higher tendency to sag. It can also happen when the internal structures of your breasts are weak. When the inverted T breast lift technique is performed, the nipple-areolar complex is transferred with its own blood supply. The incisions will then be closed.


But if you’ve already got weak breasts, they will only become weaker because you can only depend on your skin envelope to hold the breasts for a long time. The technique can also affect the breast tissue and the tissue that was used to transfer the nipple-areolar complex will descend. In time, it will increase the distance between the nipple and the lower part of the breast fold significantly. Moreover, it will cause you to lose upper pole fullness, which completely affects the overall aesthetics of the breast.


January 25, 2017



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