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The natural history of breast augmentation

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The natural history of breast augmentation

Are you wondering how breast augmentation works? How about the progress from day 1 all the way to the day a patient can tell she’s fully healed? In this video, I will give you an overview of the natural history of breast augmentation. I want to show you the journey of a patient.


Most of the time, when breast augmentation is performed, the breasts implants look unnatural at first and they tend to ride high. Patients often feel that their breasts feel tight and distorted. There are some cases as well where the breast does not look round, and it looks misshaped. But during the first week after the surgery, the breasts really tend to look very full. The appearance seems unnatural. You will notice that the relationship between the implant and the breast is not what is supposed to be.


Patients will likely notice changes in the appearance on the second week of recovery. This is where the breasts are getting better. It means that they are settling. Because the skin has been stretched, the swelling gradually subsides and the shape of the breast is noticeably much better than the first week.


In the fourth week, the breasts will look normal. The breasts shrink a little bit and the soft tissue dynamic are beginning to improve. The implant has almost settled. Patients can begin to enjoy their breasts that are looking natural. Just make sure that you have followed everything that the surgeon had asked you to do and surely, you are going to be happy with the results of the intervention.


It is always good to know everything about the history of breast augmentation so you will not be alarmed when your breasts do not look as you want them to be at first. Keep in mind the postoperative measures of your surgeon all the time.




July 28, 2016




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