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The Vertical Breast Lift

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The Vertical Breast Lift

In today’s world where almost everything can be researched in the Internet, I’m sure you have already read about breast cosmetic surgeries. If you among the many patients who desire to have more aesthetically appealing breasts, then looking for a surgeon who can provide you with the best possible result must be on top of your priorities.


If your problem is the sagginess of your breasts, then I would give you an overview of the techniques that can be used to address your issue. If you have already checked pictures of patients who have undergone the same procedure as you desire, then there’s a high chance that you have already noticed the different appearance of scars.


If you are doing plenty of research, you might be confused why there are surgeons that use a technique where the scar is around the areola, while others use a technique where the scar goes down in a vertical fashion. If you are not a candidate for the periareolar breast lift, meaning a lift with a scar around the areola because your sagginess is more than 3 cm, then a vertical breast lift is the procedure for you.


As a patient, you must understand that you can’t just choose what procedure will be used on you to minimize the scars you’re going to have after the intervention. The same principle works for your surgeon. Your anatomy must be carefully assessed in order to lessen the risk of possible complications and in order to give you a more satisfactory result.


If the surgeons are only given the magical power to choose a technique depending on the patient’s request, then I bet all women would rush to the clinic and demand surgery. But that is not the way it goes. Ultimately the goal of the plastic surgeon is to provide the best result while keeping the patient safe as possible. Only if you are ready to accept the advantages and limitations of your desired procedure will you be deemed fit to undergo such intervention.




January 10, 2017



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