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The Wonder Breast Lift

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The Wonder Breast Lift

Throughout the years, many surgical procedures have been developed to improve the woman’s body and correct imperfections. One of the said surgical interventions is the breast lift. There are different types of breast lift and for you to determine what kind of breast lift will you need depends on the amount of breast sagginess you have. There are different methods of transferring the nipple-areolar complex with its own blood supply. However, these techniques have one major flaw that will jeopardize your results in the long term.


Some types of breast lift reposition the nipple-areolar complex to the right place. However, it uses the skin envelope to support the new breast. The problem is that any patient who requires a breast lift by definition has very poor skin structure, support, and envelope, meaning that the skin is weak. If the skin is used as the sole support, a bottoming out of the breast will occur. Breast sagginess occurs because of genetics, gaining or losing weight, and pregnancy, among other factors. The reasons why your breast sags are because it has lost support from the ligaments and the skin has been stretched, losing its elasticity.


The good news is women do not need to worry what type of surgical procedure they need to undergo because Wonder Breast Lift now exists. The Wonder Breast Lift is a procedure where the whole breast is reconstructed. Every aspect of the breast needs to be fixed in order to avoid early failure and recurrence of sagginess. With the Wonder Breast Lift, your own tissue will be used to remodel the breast. The tissue that has bottomed out is repositioned to the top of the breast, providing some fullness. In addition, the support and ligaments of the breast are recreated using the same internal structures of the breast, including the skin, the chest muscle, and suture suspension. The Wonder Breast Lift is the technique recommended to patients who want their breasts to stay in the same size or be slightly smaller.


March 30, 2017



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