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Breast augmentation sagginess

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Breast augmentation sagginess

If your problem is the sagginess of the breasts, then you must know that the surgeon would need to measure the amount of sagginess first before deciding the corrective surgery that needs to be done.


Most patients come to the clinic only knowing that they need breast augmentation. But they lack the knowledge that plenty of factors need to be considered first. That’s why a physical exam is necessary in order to determine if the relationship between the nipple and the breast mound is appropriate. To know this, I put my hand under the breast folds and then transfer this location onto the breast mound. The nipple needs to be located at the level of the inframammary folds.


In the world of breast augmentation surgery, it is generally accepted that if your breast sagginess is just about 1 cm, breast augmentation using implants can correct this problem. Further surgeries are not necessary. If you wonder why, the reason is that whenever you insert an implant, the breast pocket gets expanded and then the difference of 1 cm would be corrected by stretching the breast pocket with the implant.


However, if it happens that the amount of your breast sagginess is more than 3cm, the surgeon will have to perform a periareolar lift. The procedure involves cutting the skin around the areola and lifting the nipple-areolar to a more appropriate place.


But if your sagginess is more than 4, then a lollipop lift would be necessary. In this technique, the patient will acquire a scar around the areola that goes down toward the bottom part of the breast.


If you come to my clinic to have a breast augmentation and you require a lift, but you are not willing to accept the fact that you need an implant with a lift, then I am not going to do your surgery, because you will look horrible and I am not going to put my name on a bad job.




August 6, 2016




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