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What a breast lift does

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What a breast lift does

From a surgeon’s standpoint, a breast lift procedure is mainly defined as the lifting of the nipple-areolar complex to its right anatomical position. In my practice, I always mark the area where the nipple is supposed to be before I go on with the other procedures. This involves measuring the distance to where the nipple of the patient is at the moment. I have to get the appropriate measures to know how much lift do I need to do to obtain the right anatomical proportion.


The breast lift surgery primarily aims to lift your breast tissue. However, in doing so, you’ll have a smaller breast. So it is important that you understand your aesthetic goals and tell them to your surgeon during the initial consultation. You must let your surgeon know the size of breasts that you want to achieve.


Know that if you aim your breasts to be bigger, the surgeon would recommend you to undergo breast augmentation using implants first. But if you want to keep its natural size and you happen to have enough breast tissue, you can expect for a nice result as the surgery will recreate a nice mound and keep your breast tissue intact. But if you have breast sagginess that is at its advanced level, be open to the fact that the breast lift surgery will decrease your breast’s size.


If you wonder why this cosmetic surgery can decrease the size of your breasts rather than to make them bigger, then here’s how it happens. During the surgery, the excess skin must be removed to fit whatever breast tissue you have. Then, the nipple-areolar complex is repositioned to the right place. Most of the time, performing a breast lift without an implant makes the breast will be smaller but there are also cases where it will retain its similar size.





January 3, 2017



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