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What are gummy bear implants

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What are gummy bear implants

Because there have been plenty of debates and studies to prove that breast implants are a hundred percent safe to use, manufacturers do not stop in improving the quality and consistency of their products. Just recently, a new kind of breast implants has been introduced on the market. They are called gummy bear implants.


Known to offer more cohesiveness than other available breast implants today, gummy bear implants are considered as the best ones to use by most surgeons. It feels firmer than the rest because it contains more cohesive silicone and viscous gel. However, it also contains the same silicone material just like the others. But when it comes to consistency, a gummy bear implant is on top of the list. One example of this kind is the Allergan 410.


No matter what brand you choose, the gummy bear implant tends to have a more anatomical shape. It requires the surgeon to use special techniques in placing them, unlike the ones that are being used on other kinds of implants. What makes this implant more amazing is that they are less prone to leakage and rupture. But this is not a guarantee that it will not happen, only that the possibility had been lessened.


While gummy bear implants also have a lot of promises in terms of quality and ability to decrease complications, what your surgeon tells you is always of the utmost importance.  Before the surgery, there would be discussions between you and the surgeon to know if gummy bear implants are the best for your anatomical condition. You will be examined to know the techniques that will be used and how the surgeon can align the operative treatment with your aesthetic goals, of course, without sacrificing your safety. Gummy bear implants have shown high satisfaction rates among many patients. But you must remember that the surgical intervention results vary from one patient to another.



March 30, 2017



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