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Will my breast look fake after breast augmentation?

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Will my breast look fake after breast augmentation?

Some women who want to enhance the overall look of their breasts often fear one thing. They are concerned about how will their breasts look like after they undergo breast augmentation. One of the questions that patients commonly ask is, Will my breasts look fake after breast augmentation?” The answer for this is it depends because of some factors. These include the volume of the implant that you will use, the profile and type of implant, and how much breast tissue you will have before surgery. When it comes to breast volume, the bigger the implant regardless of the profile that you use, the more unnatural your breast is going to look.


For you to understand better, just imagine that you are a B cup and you want to be a D cup. It does not matter if you will use a moderate or high profile because your implant will look high and unnatural. It may look pleasing yet it may look obvious. There is a need for every patient to understand the dynamics between the breast tissue and the implant which depends on the patient’s anatomy. If your breast base (width) is very small, putting an implant with a bigger volume regardless of the profile will force the breast to compensate by shifting the volume upwards and downwards to fill the space.


The implant profile can also make the breasts look fake. The profile refers to how much the implant sticks out and how full it is. Remember, the bigger the profile, the less natural it is going to look. If you choose a high profile or an ultra high profile, your breast will stick out more and your breasts will have more fullness due to the nature and shape of the implant. Also, the smaller breasts you have, the more unnatural your breast is going to look if you choose a large implant.


December 6, 2017



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