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Your skin textured implant versus a smooth implant

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Your skin textured implant versus a smooth implant

Some women want to achieve bigger breasts. This is the main reason why they go for breast augmentation. One of the procedures that they commonly choose is having silicone implants. However, in any cosmetic surgery, there is no doubt that issues will occur especially when it comes to health. One of the concerns of women who are planning to have silicone implants is if silicone breast implants can have a negative effect on a baby. It has been suggested that children born to and breastfed by, mothers with silicone breast implants might be adversely affected by transmammary or transplacental delivery of silicone during either breastfeeding or pregnancy.


Know that silicone is an inert material which is commonly found in many different products. It is important to understand that this material does not create abnormal reactions even if it is inserted in the body. There is little evidence of any elevation of blood or serum silicon or silicone concentrations in women with silicone breast implants. Some are concerned about silicone diffusing through the milk ducts and entering the breast milk. The current evidence does not support diffusion or transport of silicone gel across membranes that will lead to silicone in the breast milk. Measurement of silicon or silicone concentrations in the breast milk of women with implants has provided some insights into whether silicone reaches breast milk by other means.


Studies have shown that the concentrations of silicone in breast milk in patients with and without breast implants are statistically not significant. It may be true that some patients might develop capsular contracture. Know that the body will always create a scar around the implant but you have to remember that the silicone itself is not toxic. Silicone implants are very safe. If you are still hesitant about it, you may ask your surgeon regarding this matter.


December 15, 2017



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