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Procedures cost

Wonder breast procedures

Wonder Breast Augmentation

( $5,525 – $7,025 )

The wonder breast augmentation is different from the traditional one because Dr. Cortes uses a custom-tailored and unique technique to produce significant aesthetic improvements. You can avail the wonder breast augmentation with the saline implant at $3,900, whereas the silicone implant goes for $5,000.

Wonder breast lift

( $13,118 )

The wonder breast lift is highly effective for fixing loose breasts. This procedure raises your breasts, making them shapelier and perkier. Dr. Cortes has performed this procedure hundreds of times in the past years due to its high demand.
This procedure differs from the traditional breast lift because it not only raises your breasts, but also reshapes and sculpts them to complement your overall figure and composition. Unlike the traditional approach, it offers long-term results. The surgery normally starts at $9,500, which includes the cost of liposuction of the axilla and the sides of the breasts.

Wonder breast reduction

( $13,118 )

The wonder breast reduction procedure is an effective solution for women suffering side effects from their very large breasts. What makes it different from the traditional breast reduction is that it reshapes the breasts along with the breast reduction. In the traditional approach, the breast mostly becomes saggy after a few months.
As for the wonder breast reduction, it produces perky and shapely breasts by reconstructing and strengthening the breast suspension ligaments during the surgery. The wonder breast reduction surgery is priced at $9,500, which includes the cost of liposuction wherever applicable.

Wonder Breast lift with implant

( $11,435 – $12,435 )

The price of the wonder breast lift with implants depends on the extent of breast sagging. Normally, the price will be between $6,500 and $9,900. Also, the price depends on the type of implant used and the surgery’s scope. Liposuction may also be done during this procedure to make your breasts shapelier. The price of liposuction will be included into the cost.

Wonder breast revision

( $5,500 – $13,500 )

Some patients require breast revision surgery after experiencing side effects or complications from previous breast surgeries. For this reason, Dr. Cortes has developed the wonder breast revision procedure to treat conditions more effectively. These include issues such as areola widening, change of implant position, synmastia, implant rippling, capsular contracture, infections, and rupturing of implants. Usually, removing or replacing the implant is required to treat these specific conditions, which is why the wonder breast revision procedure does exactly that. While the surgery’s cost depends on a range of factors, such as the extent of the complication, the normal price will be between $5,500 and $13,500.

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, Procedures cost
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